House Happy

Hey hey!! It’s a beautiful Friday here – cold but the sun is shiny bright, warming things up and making things pretty. :) I don’t see much hope for spring temps for another week or so around here (another snow storm is supposed to hit Sunday, for real??) -- how it is where you are?

I’m back today with another round up from the past couple of weeks – stuff from around the house and a few things I’ve shared on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Funny how I’ve been looking into new bedding for the master bedroom for months, and I find every piece of the bedding puzzle in one place the other day – at HomeGoods of course:


And funny how new bedding means a whole room redo. ;) I’ve been planning on that for a while, this just may have moved it up a bit. You know, in a year from now instead of two.

I am SO excited to get all of this on the bed to see how if it works as well as I think it will!

If you read our mouse story from last month you know I have been looking for a way to store our bird seed. Many of you recommended a metal container instead of plastic, so I was so excited to find this at a local antique shop:

metal bucket

It has a lid and a handle – the handle was a biggie so I could easily carry it around. It will stay in the closed storage in our garage in this pail, so crossing fingers this keeps them out (if they ever dare to visit again).

I wrote about the planked walls in our powder room this week, and then I found this image on Pinterest and was HOOKED on the idea to plank a ceiling:

wood ceiling

I love the whole room, but that warm ceiling really had me! Isn’t that lovely? I’m thinking of doing this in our mud room.

This quote from Dave Ramsey resonated with me:


I’d rather take criticism any day than to be or do nothing. Although if you are a bump on a log that’s a sure fire way to get criticized too. ;)

I have this weird habit lately – I’ll be putting on makeup in the morning (on the settee I recently moved up there) and go to move a stray hair or something and I’ll hit the lamp shade next to me with the mascara:


I do it ALL the time! I did it constantly with the floor lamp I had there before too, and you’d think I would learn. Arghhh…any idea how to get mascara off of fabric? I’m afraid if I try make up remover it will be oily and if I use soap and water it may spread out into the fabric.

For now, I just turn the shade. :)

Speaking of lamp shades, I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time in forever the other day and loved the trim on this one:


I want to try to recreate it with some nail head trim and spray paint – can’t be too hard right?

Your responses to my last post had me laughing and nodding – thanks for making me feel like I’m not the only one obsessed with Coke. Or soda. Pop? A few of you northern Hoosiers told me you call it pop and that fits in perfectly with this map:

map of soft drinks

Yes, someone made a map. God bless the Internet. I can see here that the Coke term is definitely a southern thing that has crept up into Indiana.

Today I shared a little trick I use in the morning on Instagram and I was surprised to see how many of you do it too!: 

flat iron on clothes

That would be ironing my shirt with my flat iron. ;) It works people!

This adult beverage I found on Pinterest is calling my name:

the frenchy drink

It’s called the Frenchy and there was no good link – let me know if you know where to credit this! It’s just 1 1/2 oz. pear vodka, 3 oz. pineapple juice, 1 oz. cranberry juice – sounds so yummy and fresh!

I tried to walk away from this little piggy (HAR!) the other day but failed. He had to come home with me:piggy planter

Is he adorable or what? I found him at a local shop and he fits perfectly on the sink. Love. him.


phil the liar

Seriously dude.

Have a GREAT weekend!! Hope it’s beautiful!