House happy

Hey hey all! Good Friday to you! What do you have planned this weekend? Not too much here – I’m trying to convince my sis to take a trip to IKEA with me at some point. Whoot!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts so I thought it was about that time. I love sharing goings on from Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram and around the house every once and a while.  

A few days ago I was downtown Indy for lunch with friends and stopped by one of my very favorite spots, Midland Arts and Antiques:

midland arts and antiques

It’s probably been at least six months since I’ve been in, maybe even a year? Wow, the prices have gone up a good amount. But the fun of it for me is the search (and there’s a LOT to search there), so I had fun just walking around.

I found a couple things I loved but couldn’t figure out where I would put them, so I left empty handed. The next day I couldn’t stop thinking about them and figured out a spot for both, so I went back. ;)

This old Japanese glass float was one of them. I LOVE these things and this is by far the biggest I’ve found:

japanese float

I’m rearranging these shelves a bit but I think this will stay on here. I LOVE.

I also stopped by the Habitat Restore while I was down there and as I said on Instagram, it’s where all the brass fixtures go to live:

habitat restore lights

See all those lamp shades? A hotel must have cleared out of brass wall sconces cause there were TONS. I picked up two and will spray paint them – who doesn’t love a wall sconce? AND they were only $4 each! Walk don’t run my fellow Indy folks!

Speaking of light fixtures – do you like the look of a lamp on a kitchen counter? I do. I found this little lamp at Target a few months ago and I love it in our kitchen:

lamp on kitchen counter

Now I’m on a search for a little one for our laundry room too. I love little bits of low light like this! Now that the days are getting shorter again I’ll be using them quite a bit.

So have you been to JC Penney’s lately? I stopped in a couple months ago and was a little surprised with what I found:

JCP decoreSUPER cute. It wasn’t the most inexpensive stuff I’ve found, but it was different and fun and unique. Loved it. Have you been in lately? Do you know if this line goes on sale? They have a whole Martha Stewart party section that was fun to look through too.

I’ve continued my decluttering rampage and found all of these tools that made it into our dresser in the foyer:


I keep some tools in there for easy access, and one of the knobs on a drawer has broken twice – a sure sign I have too much CRAP in there. These were all in that one (little) drawer. Obviously I’m too lazy to walk out the garage. :)

And that tile? I’m getting up the courage to tear it out soon. It is going to be a HUGE mess. Trying to psych myself up.

By the way, this mess is what happens when you declutter rooms in your house and ignore the other ones:

my house

Seriously, who am I kidding? It’s like this all the time. I shared this on Facebook and you all made me feel very normal, thank you for that. ;)

I went in to Bath and Body Works a few weeks ago to get a gift for a friend and stuffed this candle in my face a few times:

leaves bath and body

The leaves scent of theirs is my absolute favorite. I pulled out my candle and smelly stuff from last year and my house smells heavenly now.

I pinned this gorgeous vignette my friend Myra created and it has me so excited for fall decorating:

fall vignette

She did SUCH a lovely job on this! I love the green desk with the painted lamp with all the textures – it’s just a beautiful spot right?

And speaking of Pinterest, I shared this one on Facebook a few weeks ago too:

pinterest food ecard

The truth, right? I mean, who doesn’t love a good PB&J though? One of those and some salty chips – that’s the lunch of champions right there.

Hope you have a great weekend! We may go do some apple picking tomorrow – let the fall festivities begin!!