42 sleeps

Well, I blame this post on you lovelies. Well, some of you. And my neighbors. I was going to hold off of any more talk of Christmas for now, but then one of you (Andrea!) had to go and tell me in the last post that you’ve already got all your decor up. And so many of my neighbors have taken advantage of the weather we had over the weekend and started putting up lights…so I will avoid resisting for a day and just go with it.

Don’t freak out people! This will be the last of the Christmas talk…for a while. A little while.

Every year I love to share some of my favorite Christmas advent calendar ideas! I do this early in the season so you have time to put one of your own together if you wish.

Of course there are the stand bys if you just want to buy one – Pottery Barn never disappoints because they ALWAYS have one that involves buckets:

Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Advent Calendar


There’s something about those buckets! I’ve heard you can find small ones at the dollar store in the wedding supplies if you want to try your own.

And I swear this one is in the PBK catalog every year, or a version of it. And every year I say I’m going to make one just like it:

Pottery Barn Telluride Advent Calendar


I mean, it can’t be that hard, right? Green felt, some pockets. Not sure how I’d do the numbers. Maybe it is hard? Well, we’ll probably never find out because I doubt it’ll happen this year either. ;)

One I don’t ever have to worry about DIYing is the Lego advent calendar:

lego advent calendar


The Bub is Lego-obsessed, so for the past three years this is one we don’t miss. I actually had to hide it so he would QUIT ASKING to open up the doors. ;) Torture for a little man.

Of course, what I love most about blogland is seeing the creative versions you all come up with this time of year.

Lucy’s bright, fun version made me smile BIG: 

diy bucket advent calendar


They look like buckets don’t they? Nope! Dixie cups! Brilliant!!

I loved the simple version Chris made, and instead of trinkets inside it’s activities you can do over the season:

matchbox advent calendar jar


This one from Women’s Day mag is similar, but just vertical instead:

matchbox advent

That would be such a fun little project for the kids to help with! They would LOVE it.

I saw Melissa’s idea years ago and just the other day decided I’m going to do it this year:

wrapped Christmas book advent


She wraps up Christmas books for the nights leading up to Christmas. Doesn’t matter if they are old or new – the kids will LOVE opening them up! Can’t wait to do this one!

I was SO planning to do this cutie advent craft last year and just ran out of time – I have grand plans for this year!:

Santa beard advent


LOVE it! You add cotton balls to Santa’s beard throughout the month. What a cute idea to make and give to friends and family with kids.

Roeshel’s idea was so simple, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before!:

soda crate advent


She just used an old soda crate (already had 24 spots) and stamped small boxes for inside. Uhhhh…why don’t I think of these things? I have a crate that would work perfectly for this!

Beckie came up with a DIY version of the Ballard pillow I highlighted last year:

advent calendar pillow


It looks identical to the Ballard Designs one! Love it!

And I can’t get enough of the mitten advent idea, especially when it’s no sew:

mitten advent calendar


Yep, Sarah had me at the “no” part. ;) This is so dang cute – and another one the kids would love helping with I bet!

Today’s post was perfect timing because the latest House of Fifty online magazine was published today:

House of Fifty holiday cover I’m thrilled to be inside sharing one of our traditions – my handmade advent calendar we’ve used for years! You can see more of this beautiful issue here.

If you’ve made your own advent, please feel free to leave it in the comments! I’d love to see them!