Reindeer games

Hey folks! I’m going to keep this one quick because I have a cold and can’t focus on one thing too long. I looked for my keys for 30 minutes last night and looked for my phone for 20 minutes this morning. My brain is MUSH.

So earlier this week I took a break and went into TJMaxx for a bit. I found this lovely lady:

decorative reindeer

I put her on Instagram and mentioned I was going to glitter her up. I got some “Noooooo's” and some “heck yeah’s” and also a “I don’t think she’s a she,” which is true but it’s just to elegant to be a boy. So I’m saying girl. ;)

Anyway, I wasn't going to glitter all of her – just his her antlers. I used the bag to cover the rest of her up and then taped around the antlers:

Christmas reindeer

To make this as quick and easy as possible I used this Krylon spray paint to glitter them:

glitter spray paint 

OK -- I bought this a year or two ago and I don’t I’ve ever used it. These came out a couple years ago and I saw blogger after blogger had issues with this spray paint. I chose to believe that my can was different.

Well, it wasn’t. ;) It was a MESS. It sprayed great for a few seconds, then started sputtering and spraying all on it’s own. Then the glitter wouldn’t come out, just the coating stuff, and it was pretty much a disaster:


That’s actually the good side – the color was horrible, it didn’t cover well and just looked like butt. Not the look I was going for. I think this paint would be good to give something a light, glittery sheen, but I wanted more for this project. 

Then it wasn’t drying so I ended up trying to wipe it all off and it was just a science fair. (That’s what we say when something is a disaster. This qualifies.)

So I was on to plan B -- the more time consuming plan. I grabbed my glitter glue and silver glitter and started doing it by hand. I got this glitter tray at Michael’s this past summer and it worked AWESOME:

glitter tray

You can lay items on it to dry and then when done just take that top part off and there’s a hole in the corner so all the excess glitter goes back in the container. It worked great, I just wish it was a little bigger!

So, after about 20 minutes of glittering she ended up with some major bling:

Christmas reindeer

I actually REALLY love how it turned out! She’s beeeeautiful! Yes, it was pretty to start, but I can never leave well enough alone, you know this.

The silver is SO pretty:

glittered antlers

Who knows if it will last till next year, but for now she looks lovely:

Christmas reindeer decorHave you tried that glitter spray paint? Did you have the same problems I did? Have you started decorating for Christmas? This is my first piece – more will come out this weekend. :) By the way – have a great one!!