Show Us Your Bathrooms!

Hello there! How was your weekend? Ours was HOT. We did get about five minutes of pouring rain, thank goodness. It wasn’t enough to help much (we are experiencing a severe drought here in Indy) but it was something!

It’s time to kick off the week with another Show Us Your House party!:

show us your house

This month it’s bathrooms! I realized while preparing for this post that I haven’t shared much of our bathrooms. The powder room has had a story all it’s own, and that I’ll share later this week, but otherwise I don’t concentrate much on them. They aren’t anything super fancy, but they get the job done, ya know?

I made some changes to our master bath years ago but haven’t touched it since. It’s like time stands still in there, I swear. :)

Long ago I painted the 16 foot walls a gray green color called Tornado Watch (from Lowe’s) and we’ve liked it just fine since:

gray green bathroom

It is starting to get a little dark for me though, so someday when I feel like climbing a ladder a meeeellion times again, I’m pretty sure I’ll go lighter.

I spruced up the tub area years ago with some trim work, paint and stencils:

beadboard bathroom

I keep hoping those round faucet handles will come back in style. ;) A few years ago I got a wild hair and took the tub surround off the wall and tiled instead. I LOVE how it updated that space.

You can see more about of the trim here and more on the textured stencils here.

I glued the beadboard right over the tub siding about five years ago I think? And it’s held up great! (No post on that, sorry!)

Told you I haven’t touched this room in years! ;) I realized the other day that I’ve spent the least money and effort (compared to the rest of the house) in the rooms that are supposed to bring the most return – kitchen and bathrooms. Whoops. :) I just feel like a redo in the bathrooms will cost lots of moolah and we’d rather focus on other spaces for now.

Someday I would like to make some changes though – one being our vanity:

maple bathroom cabinets

It’s very nice, and I picked a honed marble for the counter which I really love. It’s the height of the vanity that drives me BATTY. It’s SO low. The hubs and I aren’t exactly short so I’d love to make it taller some day.

Our tiny shower works fine, but the DIY shower curtain hides our reeeeeally short shower doors:

DIY shower curtain

We have to bend down to get in the shower or we’ll knock our heads. :) So eventually I’d like to tile that entire space.

It’s a long room, and that back part with the shower only has one light bulb (in the fan) so it’s incredibly dark. I’d looooove to install one of those solar tube skylights above the shower area some day soon. I’ve seen them done on TV and they seem to add an incredible amount of natural light!

So anyway, there’s one of our bathrooms – now I can’t wait to see yours! Give me some inspiration! ;) Share your master baths, powder rooms, kid’s baths – anything goes!

I’d love a link back, especially if you’d like to be considered in a highlight post:

Show Us Your House
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And here’s the schedule for the rest of the year!:

August (family rooms), September (basements/rec rooms), October (bedrooms, guest or master), November (foyers), December (mud/laundry rooms)

Now let’s see your spaces! Get to it!