The Moon Chairs

Sooo, I don’t go into Goodwill nearly as much as I used to. I was going a couple times as week there for awhile and it contributed way too much to my crapification problem. ;)

Now I am dropping off stuff a lot more than picking up. I probably go in once a month now. And last week I went in and found a couple really fun items.

There were six “moon chairs” for $15 each and I kept walking past them, stalking them. I even tweeted a pic, but I just couldn’t figure out where I could use them in our house.

I walked around some more, stalked them some more, then sat in one.

It spun people. Round and round.

That sealed the deal. I had to have them. I sat in one, spinning around like a five-year-old, trying to think of where I could put a couple funky chairs, and it hit me.

Duh. Basement. Play area.

So I got two:

I had been thinking that maybe, just maybe, they were actual vintage moon chairs…how cool would that be? I was all congratulating myself that I had just found the deal of a lifetime.

Then I turned one over and saw the IKEA tag. ;) I laughed at myself for a good five minutes straight.

They were in decent condition, just some nicks in the metal legs and they needed some cleaning. But I had bigger plans in mind for these, so I started by taking off the bottom and back pads:

It was then that I realized they had zippered covers, so I took them off and threw them in the wash:


I rarely buy anything upholstered second-hand, but I could tell these had been taken care of pretty well.

Then I took the seats off the metal bases using a socket wrench:

Look! A picture of the blogger!!

With a socket wrench!

And sweaty nasty from a workout with no makeup!

And a headband to accentuate the big ears!



After the covers were clean and dry, I put them back on the cushions, then laid them out on the new fabric I found at Joann’s:

covering cushions

I used about a yard for this project and it was perfect.

Some of you might be thinking I made new covers, and you’d be wrong. ;)

I just hot glued the fabric around the back of the cushions:

Oh yes. Hot glue could heal the world.

No one will ever see the backs, except for me. And after some scotch guard, they’ll hold up great. I kept the black covers on so the new fabric would have something to glue to.

I made sure to cut around the holes for the screws:

While I was working on the cushions, the legs were out in the garage drying. They were dull and more of an aluminum finish. I wanted something a little flashier, so I spray primed them and then used some leftover silver spray paint from the dining table centerpiece.

I put everything back together and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!:

IKEA moon chair redo

I was looking for a fun fabric that would work well with these funkalicious chairs. I wanted something kind of mod, but that would hide marks and would hold up.

This upholstery fabric was PERFECT!:

moon chairs

Each chair came in at $35 each when I was done – for the fabric and chairs.

It was a fun, quick project and I can’t wait to see them in the Bub’s play space in the basement! They may just stay up in the living room till the drywall is done cause the colors work pretty perfectly in there. ;)

Did I mention they SPIN??


Don’t you love a great Goodwill makeover?

P.S. Next time I decide to include a picture of myself (six months from now) I’ll wear makeup.