HomeGoods quality

Hello all! So a couple weeks ago a reader asked me about the quality of the HomeGoods furniture that I own and I thought that was a great question. I’m sure everyone has different experiences – but I figured it would be worthwhile to discuss here on the blog.

I think HomeGoods is a great option when it comes to furniture. Their prices are decent (for the most part), but finding something specific is kind of hit or miss. If you see something one week it probably won’t be there the next. When I was asked about their furniture and really thought about it, I realized I only have a few chairs and a few other items from there. I know at times it seems like half my house is HG stuff! Even I was surprised when I counted them up in my head.

I do have a couple benches I’ve purchased over the years. One sits at the foot of our bed and I’ve had that one for a really long time. I have a redo planned for it but it’s held up great and it’s surprisingly comfortable.

I got this little bench that used to sit at our kitchen table and love it too:

bench at kitchen table

I took the seats off and spray painted it (I bought it in black) and I still love it.

I haven’t had any issues with anything I’ve bought from there. I’m trying to think but I can’t think of any problems. Sometimes things are a bit wobbly and I’ll have to tighten them up. But overall I’ve been pleased.

I do have a few chairs I’ve purchased and a few of them are brand name -- the one in our bedroom is Lane:

dark wall behind bed

My husband LOVES that chair.

I think the quality is fine, but sometimes I do notice things that are ever-so-slightly off. Like one duvet cover I bought had a button missing. A tufted button on the bench may be loose. The nail head trim on my blue chair in the living room isn’t perfectly aligned:

So I don’t know if they are overstock or if they are sent the HG way because they don’t meet inspections. I suppose it’s a little bit of both. The issues are always so small you wouldn't even notice them. Same goes for some of the clothing I’ve purchased at TJ Maxx – but some of it has little imperfections and some I can’t find any issues with.

And sometimes there are items that are kind of a mess, and you can get them for an even better deal. :) I did that with our side table in the basement and added a new tabletop:

industrial wood and metal table

Overall I’m always really happy with what I buy there. I’ve had a few rugs from HG and some hold up great (usually wool), some don’t at all. The rug I had in our family room for years didn’t fair well at all, but the new one is wool and is doing great. But that’s par for the course at a place like that, I think anyway.

You just need to look over the item really well before buying. And some things like sticky drawers or uneven legs can be fixed. I always keep the tags on the item for a few days so I can live with it and take it back if needed.

Generally I’m happier with the quality of HomeGoods items than I am my IKEA pieces – and they are pretty similar in price most of the time. (And I don’t have to drive two hours to get them, bonus!)

What do you think? Have you purchased from HG and are you happy with the quality? I haven’t tried any larger pieces like dressers so I can’t speak to those. Do you have a favorite piece of furniture from there? I think mine is the étagère/bookcase in the photo above. :)