Fun Easter ideas

Hello and Good Friday to you! I hope you have a lovely weekend planned, whether it be activities with your family or just relaxing. :)

I had a cute Easter-themed project planned for this week but I just couldn’t get it done. Wah waaah. I know it’s down to the wire here but I thought these other Easter-themed projects and ideas were too cute not to share!

I am totally in love with the pretty colors of these naturally dyed eggs:

naturally dyed eggs


I love ours as bright and as obnoxious as possible but these colors are so lovely! (And who knew red onion would make a green egg?)

We’re big Despicable Me fans in this house, so of course anything minion makes us smile:

minion eggs


How CUTE are those? And totally easy to pull off too.

I pinned this the other day and didn’t end up digging the plastic eggs out in time…fail! My son will get this lunch next year for sure:

lunch with Easter eggs


One of my all time favorite tables settings I ever put together was this spring/Easter-themed one from a few years back:

twine wrapped eggs

I wrapped some plastic eggs in twine and yarn and nestled them in burlap – so easy.

The rest was just flowers stuck inside my Goodwill glass centerpiece:

Easter table setting This idea is absolutely gorgeous – I wonder if you could use fake eggs or if they would float too much:

Easter centerpiece

Those are two of my favorite flowers – ranunculus and gerbera daisies! Isn’t that so pretty?

What do you make for Easter dinner? Our standard is Pioneer Woman’s prime rib:

pioneer woman prime rib


GOODness. It is delicious. I’m not a big cook by any stretch and I now make this for both Easter and Christmas (and sometimes Thanksgiving!) and it’s SO easy to do.

I thought this snack idea was so adorable!:

Easter snacks


I mean, come on. Dying. That is the cutest!

Do you have Easter plans? We’re going low key this year – just enjoying a weekend without a lot going on. We are planning to see Heaven is for Real and I’m bringing my tissues because I bawl at the trailer alone. :)

Hope you have a lovely, blessed weekend!


P.S. I have the pin it button installed on my photos but I ask you visit the sources and pin from there. :)