Ten resources for FREE art

There’s still a little bit of Christmas up in our house. Remember this “art” I told you I was taking down three weeks ago?:


Still haven’t done it. I figure why take them out, hang them back up, then take them down again to fill them…again. I’ll just do it once I figure out what I’m replacing them with. It’s all about efficiency. :)

My plan for this wall has been to fill them with free prints – there are SO many options online. I shared one of my favorites with you a few years ago here.

The prints I used are still in our family room (above the chair):  IMG_7210

You can find a crazy good selection of free prints (for personal use) at the NYC Digital Gallery.

Make sure you have some time when you sit down and look through – there really are a ton. Some of my favorites are the botanicals:

The possibilities are just endless with what they have online.

There’s a lot of other resources out there too. Free Vintage Posters has a ton of uhh…free, vintage posters. :) They would be great for a game room or basement. I think their train images are perfect for a little boy’s room:

british vintage train poster

They all have that classic look to them with bold, bright colors. Love it.

I first read about this next one at Darnetha’s site awhile back – it’s a collection of prints available at the Missouri Botanical Garden Library:

There is a huge selection there too, but a lot of botanical prints can be found here. It’s a little complicated to get the prints downloaded, so follow Darnetha’s easy instructions and you’ll be set.

The Vintage Printable has been around for awhile and it’s one of my favorites to browse:

Botanical tulip print 

Those are easily saved – just right click them and hit “save as” to save them on your computer for your own use.

The Graphics Fairy is another site that offers a bunch of free printables as well:

peacock vintage image--graphicsfairy15

Beautiful, right? Love that one! Karen shares pretty crafts and decorating ideas too.

There’s some really talented bloggers out there who share their works for free too, lucky us! Ashley and Jamin at the Handmade Home create free prints that you can download. I LOVE this precious alphabet art:

alphabet wall art You can download each one and print them out on your own. How sweet, and what a great gift printed out on heavy cardstock. So cute for a baby’s room. (Or just learning the abc’s!)

Everything Etsy is a GREAT site with a crazy amount of fun ideas – this is her collection of 101 free printables from all over the net:

101 free printables

This list includes everything from party printables to things you can hang on the wall so it’s a lot of fun to look through.

And of course the best art in our home is usually homemade. Not because I created it, but because it’s usually involves my kiddo. :) At Christmas I shared one of my favorite crafty DIYs over at the Dave Ramsey blog:

It makes a great gift at any time of the year and it’s SO cheap (if you have black paper and a printer it’s free).

I shared the Waterlogue app here and the cool things it does with your photos:


I printed out a few on thick cardstock and they look SO good. It’s such a cool app!

And of course, there’s always photos of your adorable, brilliant children:

photo wall on stairs

Most of the time I just print out our photos at home, and black and white saves the expensive color printer cartridges. I’ve taken down the vinyl since this photo (it had to be removed when the wall was painted) but the photos have been up for years. :)

So there you go! Ten ideas for free (well, except for a few initial bucks on that app) art in your home. Do you know of any I didn’t include? Have you used any of these resources? The internet is a wondrous thing!