House happy

Hey hey and welcome to this beautiful Friday! (At least here…hope you’re having a nice one too!)

I call these posts house happy and I’m not sure why because it’s not really stuff from my house. It’s mostly fun stuff from my Pinterest, Instagram, etc. that I like to share occasionally. I need to change it. Social media happy perhaps? Doesn’t have quite the same ring.

Anyway, it’s just fun stuff to end the week. :)

I shared this one on Facebook and it couldn’t be more true:

email/letters cartoon

For real. Good mail is the BEST!

I learned that Siri has a sense of humor and she’s up with the latest:


Ask her who took let the dogs out too. :)

There are only 37 spots left for the upcoming Haven Conference this summer!:

Haven Conference

Did you see that Chip Wade is our keynote? I LOVE HIM HIS SHOW. We are planning on having the sessions and speakers up online by April 1st – it’s going to be another great event!

Every year Target comes out with cute new gardening tools and every year I feel I must get new ones:

target gardening

My dream has always been to have built in seating around a kitchen table. This is dreamy:

built in banquet

I pinned this one from Houzz but it’s originally from Southern Living. Gorgeous.

This mud room (it actually just looks like a little mud room “nook”) is just beautiful:

mud room with mirror


I wouldn’t change one bit!

I’m sharing ten awesome spring cleaning tips over at the Home Depot blog – there are some really good ones in there people! I use all of them and they all work great. :)

And finally, I haven’t meant to hold on out on this so long, but I wanted to share a picture of my BEAUTIFUL grandson:


I don’t share many photos of my son here so I won’t be sharing many of sweet cheeks either, but my stepdaughter said this was fine. He is seriously precious and cuddley and smooshy and such a good baby. We are SO blessed to have him in our lives and family.

There you go – some good, pretty, fun, precious stuff to kick off your weekend. :)Hope it’s a great one!


P.S. The pin it button is now on all of my photos but I ask you visit the original source to pin from there.