As seen on TV

Hello my friends! It’s almost the weekend and I am happy to see it approaching! Anything fun planned?

So I always wonder about the “as seen on TV” stuff – you know, the slicers and dicers and curlers and magic doodads that fix everything? Back in the day I wanted to start a blog about just those products, but I figured that would get expensive fast. I don’t even buy many of them, but I love hearing how things work out for people.

And then the other day I thought…I have a blog – why not do it? (Occasionally.) So this is my first review, and I threw in a simple recipe to go with it. :)

I asked for this one for Christmas and my parents got it (and one for themselves!) cause it seemed like it worked and was easy to use:

 as seen on TV chopperchop magic

They ALL look like they work and are easy to use on the commercials though, that’s how they get ya!

It’s real name is Chop Magic and I decided to test it out on one of my favorite recipes – homemade salsa:

simple salsa recipe

My late father-in-law taught me how to make a great salsa and it’s so easy. I add two things that are a must (in my opinion) – cilantro and a bit of garlic.

You’ll need:

Tomatoes (I like roma)
Red onion
Serrano pepper
Jalapeño pepper

Notice I didn’t say amounts – you just kind of add each one till it tastes the way you want it. I like a lot of cilantro and a little bit of pepper, but it will depend on how hot you can take it.

I do have to say quickly that my father-in-law (who was from Mexico) would be cursing me right now for using this tool, but I think he secretly would have liked it. ;)

So the pictures promise big things, like a whole (photoshopped) onion that appears to be easily chopped:

chop magic as seen on TV

I didn’t quite believe it but I decided to use the larger chop grate and tried one of the whole tomatoes, which would surely be easier to chop than a whole onion:

chop magic review

Uhhh, no. Do not try a whole vegetable. :)

DO slice it up (I did thick slices because I like mine chunky) and then do it:

chop magic review

That worked like a charm and I was on a roll. It really does slice the slices quite easily.

Because I like the onion chunks a bit smaller, I sliced those thin and then used the smaller chop grate:

as seen on TV chopper

So one small slice of red onion was really hard to get through there and I may or may not have put it on the floor and stepped on it to get it through. :) It’s the only way I could get it to cut.

I’m thinking a whole onion is NOT going to go through there, even with the larger grate. Just a guess. But the smaller stuff was great! I sliced the jalapeño and serrano and placed them on there as well to chop them even smaller and it worked great for those too.

After all the chopping was done I added a good amount of cilantro (just torn into pieces), juice from a half a lime and then some salt:

simple salsa recipe

DELISH. It is so chunky and fresh and so good. I went a little heavier on the peppers this time and wowza, it is hotter than usual. My father-in-law would be VERY proud of me for that one.

Here’s what I ended up using:

Five roma tomatoes
Half of a small red onion
One clove garlic
Juice from half of a lime
Cilantro to taste (I like a lot)
Less than half of serrano pepper
Less than half of jalapeño pepper (and it was hot!)
Salt to taste

You could use just a bit of one type of pepper if you don’t like it hot at all. Sometimes I just use some of a serrano and that’s it.

Overall I actually quite liked this little chopper – it worked really well for the most part. I made the process go much faster for sure and I liked that I could just mix everything in the container.

Do you have one of these choppers? It came with the Perfect Tortilla Bowl so that may have to be the next review. ;)