Stenciling a wall

Hey hey all! How was your weekend? Uneventful here and we’re home today for President’s Day. I did make some progress on the basement kitchenette and I’m pretty excited about it considering I was a little anxious about it at first.

Last I left you I had told you about our little kitchenette spot that I’m super excited about:


I had finally painted the cabinets and installed the countertop. I’ve actually made some progress over the past few weeks but this big project I finished up last night. My goal all along has been to tile the wall above the cabinets but I haven’t found what I want just yet. Actually…I have, but it’s really expensive. So I want to pull the rest of the area together first and then decide if I want to drop some cash on the tile.

So to dress it up in the meantime, I decided to go with a stencil instead:

How to stencil a wall

I thought it would work great with the slightly more modern vibe we have going in the basement. I actually had this one in my hands months ago for another project and decided against it but remembered it and went back for it. It was $17, but 40 percent off with my Hobby Lobby app and coupon.

When it came to the color to use with the stencil I went with this stuff from Krylon:

Silver paint

Again, from a project that never was. :) I got it last fall from True Value but I’m guessing you could find it anywhere Krylon is sold? I think it’s made to mix with another color but I liked it as it was – it’s a very light silvery finish.

Just like tiling or flooring, the first one is the most important – make sure it’s exactly where you want it because it will set the tone for the whole wall. Some use a light spray adhesive on the back but I didn’t need it:

How to stencil a wall

As long as the stencil is level it will lay down flat. I used my small one to check it each time:

How to stencil a wall

Now the amount of paint you use is really important. They sell stencil “stampers” at the craft store for projects like this but geesh, a wall would take forever with something like that. I always use a foam roller, just make sure you roll most of the paint out of it:

How to stencil a wall

You hardly want anything on there at all. If you have too much it will get under the stencil and you’ll be mad. :)

Use decent pressure to paint over it – not too heavy but enough it covers well:

How to stencil a wall The great part about using so little paint is that it dries super fast. I was able to keep moving and even use my delicate painter’s tape over it within about five minutes.

I stood back after a few and LOVED it:

Stenciled wall

It took a few hours – I did it while we watched the All Star game in the basement and it took the length of the game – about three hours from start to finish. The last little corner by the light switch took me longer than anything. It’s always the last part of the project…always.

But I was pleasantly surprised by it – I really love how it turned out!:

Kitchenette in basement

I was just using what I had but the silver paint ties in perfectly with the hardware and the lights. The drawer hardware is the same as what I used on the mudroom bench (from Lowe’s) and the door hardware I already had.

Here’s a look at it without the lights on:

Basement kitchenette with stenciled wall

Love it! I got the base installed around the cabinets while I was at it – it’s coming together!

Next steps – paint and caulk the base then install the shelving on the wall. I’m using these Ekby brackets with wood: 


And then finally get that sink installed! (It will go on the right side of the kitchenette.) A wise reader reminded me we need to install a GFI outlet there since we’ll have water nearby, so that needs to happen too.

For now I’m really pleased with it and I toasted some pizza rolls last night to celebrate:

Stenciled wall in silver


Once I get our basement cleaned up I plan to give a rundown on the whole space. I haven’t shared the costs and how our plan came together and want to do that.

Have you stenciled a wall? It’s been a while since I’ve done it (last time was in the pantry) and I’m always surprised with the difference it makes. It’s such an inexpensive project too!