My sister’s blog

Hello and how are ya? I’m knee deep in a bunch of projects in the house – after I showed you the new floors in the master yesterday I went in and tore all the door casings down to do my DIY craftsman trim in there. What the heck -- the house is already a disaster right now, why not add to it?

So today I’m sharing a blogger very close to my heart…my sister. :) I actually have four sisters but this one is the one I grew up with so we have a special bond. She’s also ten years younger than me (she likes to specify that it’s really nine and a half) so I still tell what to do a lot. And she gets stuff for me. It’s going to be that way till we’re old and gray – I’ll be all, go get my my teeth! She’ll be all, whatever, get your own teeth! And then I’ll pull the older sister card and she’ll get them.

Anyway. Back when I started this blog my sister Elizabeth was known as “stink eye” around these parts. She lived with us for a while after college and it’s so crazy that she’s now a married woman with a blog of her own. Sniff. They grow up so fast.

My sister is a great cook and loves to be in the kitchen (that gene skipped over me), so that’s what her blog, Organizer By Day, is focused on for the most part. She brought some of these over yesterday and I ate four within minutes:

cinnamon biscotti

I would have eaten more but she had to take the rest back home to take “pictures for the blog.” Blah blah. (It’s a little weird to know someone else who uses that phrase all the time now.)

These strawberry cupcakes were delish!:

strawberry cupcakes

We always go strawberry picking together in early summer so I’m hoping she’ll make me some more of these. :)

Her 20 crock pot meals post was super popular:

easy crockpot meals

She makes them ahead of time and freezes them – brilliant!

This apple pie chex mix was super yummy too:

apple chex mix

I love how she changes things up – she likes to experiment with ingredients and try new things and it usually ends up pretty darn good!

These homemade cheese its looked so good:

top view of seasonings

That cute cutting board was from me. Just sayin.

And this loaded baked potato chip dip looked amazing…but I wouldn’t know how good it tasted cause she didn’t bring me any:

loaded baked potato dip


My sister Elizabeth is so creative and loves to craft – I thought this wine cork heart was SO cute for Valentine’s Day:

wine cork heart

Love it!

By the way, she goes by Elie on the blog, but don’t listen to her. Her name is ELIZABETH. Whole word. I don’t know an Elie.

As you can tell, it’s fun to have younger siblings, cause you get to harass them. :) But in all seriousness I don’t know what I would do without her and I am so proud of her!

Check out her site if you love to cook or bake or even if you just want some easy snack ideas. Be sure to tell her her awesome older sis sent you. ;)