For real

Well hello and happy Friday! Here in Indiana we had thunderstorms and near 60 degree temps just last night and now it’s 35 and snowing. AWESOME. I don’t know why I always talk about weather here. Because it’s annoying, that’s why.

Anyway, I shared all of the paint colors in our home yesterday and as I walked through the house last night I had to laugh. I like to share real life from time to time and thought today would be as good a day as any. There’s a lot going on in the house today and it shows. :)

First up, the mud room. It’s delightfully empty in the most recent pics, but we do actually use it:

mud room bench

I gotta say, this is pure bliss compared to how it looked way back. Always a pit. It is SO NICE to be able to come in the door and hang our coats, and sit to put on our shoes before we leave the house. I LOVE this spot.

The shot of our family room looks like this currently – with the random Valentine/in between Christmas/mostly empty mantel, smooshed cushions and all:

I cleaned and picked up before these pics, I spared you that. :)

Remember the “chopped” pillows I showed you last week? Well, this is how they usually look:

At least they’re not on the floor.

I’m working on the master closet and the pile of donate/sell has been sitting around for about a week now:

The floors are filthy because of that beautiful pile of wood in our living room. The guys are here today to start the installation in our bedroom and they’ve been in and out all morning. Whooo HOO! So happy!!

And who doesn’t love a little Christmas in late February?:

Fa la la la la…I need to take those down.

And this is the loft currently, with everything from the bedroom piled in:

It’s going to be a fun few days, but I’m happy to live with it. 

So that’s a snapshot of our home right now. Any projects going on in yours this weekend? Have a great one!