Months in review!

What UP? How are you lovelies today? It’s a gorgeous fall day here and I’m excited for the weekend!

I realized the other day I haven’t done a month in review in a couple months and I know you must be incredibly sad, so I’m catching up. ;) I picked a few of my favorite projects of late to recap today.

One that I LOVED was our brass-turned-navy bedside lamps:

Brass lamp redo

I found the lamps at a flea market and transformed them with spray paint. A reader suggested the color and I just LOVE the blue.

I shared my easy DIY roll out drawer here:

DIY roll out drawer

I use it almost every day and it works great!

One of our favorite fall traditions is apple picking so I figured out what to do with all of them:

Easy crockpot applesauce

I’ve made this applesauce numerous times since and it’s SO good, SO easy. I may try it with Honeycrisp apples this weekend. YUMMO.

Speaking of fall, some blog friends and I joined forces to share some fall decorating ideas in September. Check out my fall tablescape with Goodwill finds here:

fall tablescape 

And the mantel (with my big fat hydrangeas!) here:

Peegee hydrangeas

You’ll find more than 300 beautiful fall mantels and vignettes linked up on that post too!

I made a few changes to one of my favorite spots in our master bedroom:

How to decorate a mantel

Oh my goodness, it looks SO much better now!

And I finally started the mud room redo that’s been in limbo for years now by painting the walls WHITE:

beadboard mud room

The bright yellow had overstayed it’s welcome. :)

I moved some bins around and was able to take most of the Christmas decor out of the basement and up to the garage. It allowed me to make better use of that space under the stairs:

space under the stairs

Now we have a little game closet/kitchenette and it’s worked so well! Love that little spot.

Last month I finished decluttering the whole house and one spot that wasn’t bad at all was the pantry. I’ve finally figured out what works for us (not as much wasted food!):

Glass door on pantryIt’s actually stayed fairly organized and that’s HUGE for me!

We threw a beautiful baby shower and I shared my low key approach to parties and decor here:

nautical baby shower

And finally (not really but I need to wrap this up), I showed you how to spray paint your door knobs:

Spray painting door knobs

I’ll update more in a few months but I can tell you the one we use a key on is already a mess. I’m not that surprised really. The others are holding up great…so far!

Did you miss a project? Have a wonderful weekend! Anything fun planned? I’ll be cleaning out the garage, doing tons of laundry and watching plenty of Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. ;) Awesome.