Simple autumn tablescape

Hey all! How are ya? The cat pulled the cord out of my phone last night so we had a fun morning of running around trying to get to the bus on time. We did. ;)

Today I’m sharing my fall tablescape as we continue our fall link ups! If you’ve been following along over the years you know I got a wild hair a couple years ago and decided to get rid of our dining room and turn it into a library. It’s still in process but we LOVE it so far.

For a while this meant I really didn’t have a table to dress for the seasons (we had our round kitchen table). Not a big deal but I’m a decorating fiend and a blogger so I did miss that part a bit. But since I made our new, bigger table earlier this year, I’m able to join in on the festivities again. Whoot!

I started with a blank slate of the DIY tabletop:

DIY farmhouse table

I tried to use what I already had for the most part – I love our round IKEA chargers so those and my basic white plates were first:

white plates

I got the napkins at Pier 1 – LOVE them but they only had three and I needed four. So I ended up with two of the prints and two solids that matched. I like how it turned out.

The plates felt nekked when I was done so I added some gourds I picked up last weekend on each plate:

Like a smarty I only got three of the green and three of the orange – so I had to mix those up too. I was on a roll.

I created the whole table setting based around the pink flowers you see here:

I LOVE them – I can never remember what they’re called but I always see them in the fall. Any idea what they are? The bring pink is a wavy/felty feeling one and the longer ones are fuzzy and fun. They played perfectly with more hydrangeas from my pee gee trees. (You can see how I used those on the mantel here.)

I wanted to carry the flowers down the table a bit so I filled a Goodwill set with little bits of the flowers as well:

There’s a lot of Goodwill on this table – the little white creamer set, the copper sprayed candlesticks, the water goblets and glass hobnail votive holders are all from Goodwill over the years:

I love the glass aisle at Goodwill – it always draws me in. I can’t quit it.

At first I planned on putting a runner down the table, but I really wanted to see the table I worked so hard on. :)

My goal (like with the mantel) was to use more natural items and some items I already had. I didn’t want it to scream FALL – I wanted it to whisper. *Fallll.* 

I think it whispers:

Last night after I took pics the Bub asked why we were going to eat pumpkins. Love him.

This morning it was dark and rainy and I took the opportunity to light the candles again and take a few more shots:

It’s no fancy dining room but I love it. ;)

I think we’ll eat by candlelight tonight!:

This kind of thing is so fun for me – just puttering around and adding things, taking them away, arranging them just so. Hope it inspires you just a bit! :)

Do you have a dining room or just a kitchen table? I thought I would miss the dining room table more than I do – but I really don’t! It was a good choice for us for sure but wouldn’t be for everyone.