Pineapple angel food cake

OK peeps, I don’t share recipes around here often but when I do you know it’s going to be either really easy or really good or really easy and good. This is both, score!!

I don’t have a source for this, (a friend reposted it on Facebook) so if you’ve seen it somewhere let me know. I don’t even know what to call it? Pineapple angel food cake? Pineangel food cake? Pineapple fluffy goodness?

I don’t know. It’s yummy though, and stupid easy. You just take a box of angel food cake and a 20 ounce can of pineapple:

easy pineapple dessert @

I’m sure you could use fresh pineapple (just keep the juices!) but wow…this is supposed to be easy remember? ;)

You just dump the pineapple in with the cake mix:

pineapple angel food cake dessert

And that’s the only ingredients! When I first saw this I thought, wow, that’s crazy easy! And then I remembered you only need water with the angel food cake mix anyway, but I digress…it’s still easy.

The pineapple juice will react with the mix and make it super frothy and fluffy – it was fun to watch:

easy pineapple cake dessert

The more you mix it the bigger it will get!

Then you just pour it into a pan and bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. That’s it! (I ended up using a 9 by 13 pan.)

I starting mauwing on it right out of the pan when it was done and it was SO GOOD warm. Wow. YUMMO.

But I soon realized I could make a little parfait:

angel food cake and pineapple easy dessert

I just layered the pineapple goodness and whipped topping and it was SO. good. The cake was just fine at room temp but like I said, I loved it heated up a little.

So there you go – a super easy, really yummy dessert. Perfect for this time of year with the pineapple and great for when you have people coming by and need something fast:

angel food cake and pineapple, easy dessert @

Or when you’re home alone in the middle of the day. Whatever.


I’m off to get more ingredients today so I can make it again this weekend. Have you tried this easy dessert? Any other simple sweet recipes you’ve tried? (Some readers on Facebook said they have tried it with cherry filling too – doing that next!)

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