March, updates and a party

Hey hey all! How are you? The weather here is gorgeous (well, the sun isn’t out today but I’m taking what I can get) but when it gets warm so fast like this I feel a month behind, don’t you? I feel like the flowers should already be planted, the mulch put down and like I’m barely pulling out my flip flops.

We’re at 80 degrees today but by Friday it will be in the 40’s, so I guess I’ll get some time to catch up. What the heck Indiana??

Anyway, it’s time for a quick look back at March just in case you missed a post. I kicked off last month by sharing a recent splurge, and I showed you how I updated it earlier this week:

world market sofa table gray

The sofa table is from World Market and lately I’m falling in love with that place all over again. SO good. I picked up a couple new pieces for the kitchen there a couple weeks ago too, can’t wait to show you!

Next up I shared the updates on the two bathroom renovations we have going on – the new flooring in each one:

hardwoods in bathroomwood tile

I love them both, especially the hardwoods in the powder room. We got a smokin’ deal ($300) from our guy to install them so they weren’t that much more than what tile would have been.

I figured out a fun way for the Bub to play with his Legos (on the floor) that also slides away under the sectional when not in use:

DIY lego tray for floor

We use it for a couple other things too, check out the post to see!

And there was the post where I blew all your minds with our light switch plates:

light switch plate

Minds. blown. 

OK, it wasn’t that big, but so many of those pinning it on Pinterest thought it was trim I added and it’s SO much easier than that. ;)

I shared how I use drapery tie backs for awesome organization:

drapery hooks for organization

My little update to the coat closet has made a big difference when the Bub walks in from school every day. :)

I showed you some progress on the powder room walls:

planking treatment on walls

This is the bathroom that will never be finished, it’s unreal. I haven’t done anything major to any of our bathrooms and now that I am I want to make sure it’s done right. (That’s my excuse anyway.)

We do have a toilet back in there now, thank the Lord! Still no sink, but it will come. Eventually. My husband is a saint, have I mentioned that??

Next up I pulled out some Christmas decor to decorate for spring and I think it works!:

boxwoods wreath for spring

I forgot to mention in that post that I got my preserved boxwood from Decor Steals last winter. They had them for a GREAT price – these can be so stinking expensive!

It’s been almost three months and I’m still Coke-free. It’s getting easier, a lot easier. I still have my cravings though:

fountain Coke

Ahh, just look at it.

I loved reading your responses to that post! And I mentioned there that I didn’t really notice a difference in how I felt, but I have noticed two big things since – first of all, it’s like my taste buds have come alive. I swear I can taste things more now, especially salty foods. Stuff that didn’t used to bother me I can barely stand to eat now, it’s just too salty.

And there’s another thing too – for months and months (mostly late last year) I was feeling just kind of out of it mentally. I would joke that I needed to start meditating or something, I just felt like I couldn’t keep my train of thought. (Squirrel!!) I realized the other day that that feeling is completely gone. I mean, I’m still scatterbrained sometimes, but I feel like I have my wits about me again, you know? I have NO doubt it’s because the Coke is out of my life.

So there you go. It has made a difference. I’m sure my insides thank me too. :)

I tried my hand at getting a little trendy by adding an subtle ombre look to a basket:

ombre look with paint

It’s more subtle than I had planned on, but I actually like it. Too much trend at once may hurt me. ;)

I shared a really special trip my Dad and I took -- we went back to my favorite childhood home:

farm house

It looks so different now. You’ll have to check out the post to see pics.

I was THRILLED to get a comment from Laura, whose family still owns the house! Can you believe it?? She’s offered to let me in to see the house and I am SO excited, I cannot even tell you. Blogland is a wondrous thing. :)

Finally, I shared how I filled the glorious built in cubbies in the basement with some Target baskets that are perfect for the toys:

cubby built ins toy organization

It involved some major toy purging and some DIY labels but it has made cleaning up SO much easier, it’s AWESOME! There’s still so much I want to do to that wall, let alone the whole basement. Baby steps!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another little thing I do that I think adds some interest in our home – since I’ve been blogging about the detail kind of things this week I decided to just go with it. And I figured it would be fun to see how the little details make a difference in your home too.

So I’ll share mine and then we’ll have an impromptu linky party tomorrow. I’d love to see what you do! You can link up little projects or changes that you’ve made – I hope you’ll join in!

See you back here tomorrow, have a great one!