Showing off Sarah

Howdy all! It’s slowly but surely warming up here…just a tad. And it’s been sunny. I’ll take it!!

A few weeks ago I was honored to be asked to join in on the Creating with the Stars challenge over at East Coast Creative. I was partnered up with a blogger who would be completing the projects and I was there (virtually anyway) to offer support and ideas.

Well, my blogger was a rock star – probably because her name is Sarah. ;) She blogs over at While They Snooze…love that title.

Allow me to brag on her and her projects a bit, won’t you? The first week she knocked it out of the park with a project that started with a tire. Yep, a big, heavy tire:

She found it on the side of the road and found a use for it – I love the way her mind works!

Her and her hubby made a base out of plywood, then cut out some legs with a jigsaw as well: 

DIY tire table

They created a top with the plywood so it could actually be used as a table:

DIY tire table

After that was done it was time to hide the tire. You didn’t think she was keeping it, right? ;)

It involved lots and lots of rope:

DIY tire table

Who would ever think that was a tire under there? And it’s the perfect height and size for next to a chair. Totally funky and fun and pretty much free! (The whole tutorial is up at ECC here.)

I think her next project was my favorite one for the challenge – she was inspired by plate art from Anthropologie that was…get ready for this -- $7,500. Choke.

She made her own with 30 dollar store plates and a few other supplies:

plate art

I know, brilliant, right?

She hung each plate, making sure each line was level:

plate art

Then she used a projector to get an image up on the wall and large enough to trace with a Sharpie:

Amazing! It really came out beautifully: 

What I love is that you could do this with any image – the possibilities are endless! You can see more details on how she did this art here.
For the last project Sarah did a beautiful water color looking map table, and I LOVE it:
map table
I’m sure she’ll be doing a post on that one too, be sure to check out her blog for the details.
Told you she is crazy talented – and did I mention she’s got a full time job and kids? And came up with these ideas and completed them each in less than a week?? I was a little in awe, seriously.
Here are a couple other projects from her blog I thought you would like as well – a totally free stencil wall:
DIY wall stencilDIY_Wall_Stencil_ 
Who needs a stencil when you have cardboard? For real.
And I think this has to be one of my favorite projects of hers – the DIY metallic art:
Just gorgeous! I’ve been trying to figure out where I do the same project since I first saw this post.
The talent out in blogland continues to astound me! So much inspiration, so little time to copy it all. ;)
Be sure to check out Sarah’s blog here, and you can cheer on the remaining contestants over at East Coast Creative here!
I’ll be back tomorrow with some organization in the basement, whooee!