Light switch bling

Hey there! How are ya? Every once and a while I look at stuff that is being pinned from TDC on Pinterest and it’s fun to see what people are loving. Sometimes something “trends” – I use that term lightly, but you get the idea – and will show up over and over. And sometimes that project or photo is from my early days of blogging and every. time. I see it I gag a little at my horrible photos.

Or something.

I’ve noticed some pins in particular lately that totally surprised me – including this photo from four and a half years ago, when I blogged about the chocolate brown powder room:

molding light switch cover

It’s just a switch plate – many think it’s molding that I installed around the basic one. I mean, you know how much I love trim work, but even this would be a little much for me. ;)

These are actually just covers you can buy at the hardware store – I’ve seen them at Home Depot, True Value and Lowes:

molding light switch cover

They are more expensive than a regular little plastic one obviously, I can’t even remember how much now. I think $4? Maybe $5? For that reason I only buy a few here and there over the years – I’ve been adding them to the house for about eight years now and still only have maybe half of the light switches switched out. (Har.)

They come in one, two, three and four switch sizes: molding light switch cover

They are super thick, so the dimmer switches like we have above on the chalkboard wall above do fine. Those here with the little toggle are annoying cause the toggle falls off all. the. time. :)

You can install spacers behind the electrical box in the wall to push it out so it is flush with the cover, but that involves turning off the switch at the breaker and more work so I just deal with it.

They also sell matching outlet covers as well:

molding outlet cover

I only have a handful of these – in bathrooms mostly, where you actually notice the outlet. That would be a whole lot of moola to try to replace every plug cover in this house!

Anyway, I love how they look – it’s just a little something to class up the joint. ;) They have a few different styles too – one has a beadboard back instead of the plain. I just like this version because it does have that look of trim around the switches. They are a bit beefier and more substantial than the regular plastic ones too.

I have them in the family room:

decorating around flat screen

The kitchen:

chalkboard wall

And in the foyer/living room downstairs:

foyer decor

I have a few more around the house but like I said, not all of them are changed out. I just pick up a couple every six months to a year.

So there you go…and yes, I just wrote a post about light switch covers. Nothing but titillating content here at the blog!! ;) But I get questions about them often so I wanted to share a bit more about where you can get them.

And of course there are a TON of other options to change out your covers too – different metal finishes, colors, designs – it’s a fun way to change things up a bit!