February month in review

Hey hey all! Yahoo for Friday! Hope you have a great weekend planned!

I’m back with another month in review and I gotta say, I kind of dig writing these at the end of the month. It makes me feel uber productive. And here’s the thing, I do accomplish a lot in a month, house-wise – but remember that’s kinda my gig. ;)

But the pile of papers two feet high in my office hasn’t been touched all month, so yeah…

I kicked off the month with simple change in the family room that made a HUGE difference. You can find out more about that here and then the avalanche of a few more changes here:

starburst mirror fireplacebarcelona lantern home depot

I truly cannot believe the difference changing out a mirror made. Amazing.

I reworked a spot in our master bedroom too, using what I had from around the house:

gray green walls

I sit in that spot every morning and LOVE my little “nook.” The Bub has one, why shouldn’t Momma? :)

My dream of an organized basement became a reality when we had the (amazingly fantastic) cubbies built:

cubby storage

We’ve had fun getting things organized and sorted out. OK, I’ve had fun organizing and sorting, the kiddo is just glad to have a spot for toys. It’s made such a difference down there, I cannot even. tell. you.

I swear we’re never moving…I love our basement and I love our house!!

Speaking of the basement…a major purge began earlier this month thanks to some visitors we had last fall. I finally got up the energy to tackle the mess left behind by the mice who invaded our house:

mice on stairs

Not those cute paper mice by the way. I spared you a picture of the real little dudes.

The organizing and purging bug hits me every new year, and then just as I start losing my will, February and the hope for spring hits, and then I get it all over again.

I have SO many spots to tackle, but I shared how a simple, quick purge can make such a difference here:

organizing magazines

You guys always share great tips and tricks in the comments, take a look at that post for some great ones!

I was thrilled to work with Home Depot this month to promote their Do-It-Herself workshops! They are held every month, but I helped out with the Pinterest-inspired one for February:

tiling around a mirror

I think I’m going to tackle this project in our basement bathroom! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I am still pinching myself because Target called and asked if I wanted to blog about their stuff and I was like HECK YEAH. So I shared a few changes I made to the foyer with their Threshold items:

decorating for spring

The flowers smell AMAZING by the way. GoodNESS, I am ready for spring.

I’ve become a bit of an obsessed plant-lady over the past few months and I told you about a few of my favorites here:

air plants

Those cutie little air plants are SO easy to care for and they are growing so fast! I may need bigger bowls soon. ;)

Many of you asked about the kitchen window treatments and I added a link to that project in the comments of the air plant post for you!

Finally, I finished up the month sharing a few caulking tools and tips:

how to caulk

That little blue wedge makes the job SO much easier!

There you go, a few of the February projects wrapped up in a nice little post! Remember if you’d like to keep up with projects as they happen around here you can follow me on Instagram, and I always love talking with you all on Facebook too. :)

Hope you have a lovely, safe, warm weekend! Don’t forget the March Before and After linky will go up Monday morning!