Pinterest fail (curls)

OK peeps, this may be my one and only hair post here at TDC. Well, there is one other tip I found that actually works great on my hair, so maybe there will be two…someday.

Don’t worry, it won’t become a thing. You’ll see from my photos that I’m meant to photograph house stuff, not myself.

Anyway, I actually found this hair trick at Pinstrosity – it’s a fun little site that you must check out! (I like that they don’t tear the original post apart – they often share how it could have been done better to fix the outcome.) The original post was from PaperMama and her hair turns out gorgeous!!

I’ve been wanting to try this out for a while now – usually when I do my Zumba class at night I take a shower after and let my hair just naturally dry. Thing is, it’s a disaster in the morning. And I’m so not taking a shower all over again in the morning -- so it’s a pain.

I thought it would be LOVELY if I could find an easy way to make my hair look presentable the next day, so I decided to finally try this out last night. The great part – you only need a headband, that’s it!

You can visit the PaperMama site for a great video on how to do it – she shows you every step. I let my hair air dry for about 30 minutes and then started -- it actually was much easier than I thought it would be and took no time at all – maybe two minutes for my whole head:

no heat curl headband

(This is me this morning. These are all awful cell pics cause I was too lazy to get my camera.)

You sleep with it like that overnight. I thought for sure the headband would come off at some point but I woke up with it exactly how I left it.

You can see here how my hair is pulled through and around the headband:

no heat curl headband

I woke with my hair completely dry and had high hopes.

They were soon dashed. DASHED people. Were there curls? Yeah! Did I look like Shirley Temple? Heck yeah!!:

no heat curl fail

Um…not what I expected. I’ve been growing out my hair for awhile now, but it’s obviously not nearly long enough for this trick. It worked…it just didn’t work like I wanted.

I expected those loose, flowing curls, but I didn’t get them. ;) I tried to calm my head down by putting my fingers through my hair, a little water, and then even a brush. It helped…a little. But not enough:

no heat curl fail

There were also random pieces of hair in the back that were just frizzy and looked like I hadn’t done a thing to them, and I know they were wrapped around like the others. Who knows what happened there.

I’ve learned one thing with this little project though – I was considering growing out my bangs and now that’s so not gonna happen. I, uh…need them.

Here’s the thing – if you have long hair this may work great for you. And I am definitely going to try it again as my hair gets longer and I may try wrapping my hair less tightly. It felt pretty loose in there but it was obviously wrapped too tight.

It worked, that’s for sure! Too well?

I ended up just throwing my hair up into a loose pony for the day, and I love how full it is:

no heat curl with headband

This would be a GREAT base for an updo for a fancy occasion – it gives tons of body and fullness to your hair.

So. That’s my experience with this hair trick. Have you tried any you’ve found on Pinterest? Have they worked? (Feel free to share links in the comments if you’ve posted about them. I love reading those!) I did find a way to curl my hair on Pinterest that I LOVE – it just takes forever. Maybe someday I’ll post about that…after a few more DIY projects of course. ;)