Easy, quick holiday card display

Hello all! I hope your week is getting better with each day!

I wanted to share a super quick, easy way I display our holiday cards – I started doing it a couple years ago and have been meaning to blog about it every year since. At least I don’t think I’ve blogged about it? Nearly 900 posts in and I lose track. :)

All you need is some ribbon and a door. Told you, easy! OK, there are a few other minor things, but really, it’s simple. I change up my ribbon every year, but you could use the same year to year too:

candy cane stripe ribbon

I bought this candy cane stripe at Target years ago and love it. 

I just wrapped it around our coat closet door and secured it inside with upholstery tacks (cause that’s what I had handy): easy door holiday card display

Yes, it will put a small hole in your door, and no, no one will ever notice it. I just use the same holes year to year.

Just wrap the ribbon around top to bottom and across the door. Then you’ll need something to hold the cards on. I found these little tiny clothespins years ago, I’m pretty sure at Hobby Lobby:

small clothespins

They aren’t super strong but hold a card just fine.

It takes about five minutes to set up and no time at all to add new ones as the cards come in:

And I love having it out in the open where everyone can admire the pretty cards:

easy door holiday card display

Last year I put a big puffy bow in the middle to make it look more present-like, but I lost a lot of card space with that bow, so it’s gone this year. :)

By the way, I’m pretty darn proud of myself. That closet is still organized!:

I added a few more cards today that we received over the weekend and there’s still plenty of room for more:

easy door holiday card display

You know, for those who send their cards out at the last possible minute. Like…uhh, someone I know. Someone who is typing this.

We never got a good family pic this year (tried up to the last minute but getting the college girl home and us all looking decent at the same time is nearly impossible) so I’ll be gathering some Facebook pics to put something together. My plan is to get them out by Friday. They may turn into New Year’s cards. :)

So how do you display your cards? Do you send them out every year? Are yours out already? It’s become one of those things that I’ve decided to be OK with not doing if I don’t have time. Most years something's got to give! :)