A pumpkin wreath (on the patio)

fall outdoor decor

Heya! I’m back today for the next par-tay in our fall link up series: fall linky parties

Today we’re linking up fall outdoor decor over at Rhoda’s place (Southern Hospitality).

Last year I shared how I dress up the front of our house this time of year:

This year I wanted to do something for the back of our house – we had an AWESOME patio put in off our deck last summer and we are thoroughly enjoying it. The best part of the whole backyard is the stone fireplace we had installed.

I wanted to create a wreath I could hang on the fireplace – but it had to be able to handle the elements. Cause let’s be honest…I never take the outdoor stuff in. Like…ever.

I use the fake pumpkins from Hob Lob in our window boxes every year, and they hold up year after year. So I figured I’d start there. I had a stick wreath (from Hobby Lobby…of course. You know by now all this stuff comes from there.):

pumpkin wreath

I just started sticking in faux pumpkins. A few bigger ones first:

pumpkin wreath

And then some smaller ones around those:

pumpkin wreath

These all have a wire pic that comes out of the bottom of them, so I just stuck that into the wreath. NO GLUE baby. If the pic stuck out in the back I just bent it back into the wreath. Make sense?

I had most of the pumpkins already, but I did pick up some beady stuff (again, are you surprised??) on sale. They were in big bunches, so I took them apart:

pumpkin wreath

And filled in between the pumpkins:

pumpkin wreath

Three of the beady bunches (say that three times fast) were plenty for this size wreath.

It still needed some FLUFF, so I grabbed some feather jobbies as well (all this stuff is 40 percent off ALL the time at HL):

pumpkin wreath

I had them in gold and brown and used both colors – I just snipped each one off the pic and stuck them in here and there:

pumpkin wreath

And because I could NOT resist them…I added just a couple little butterfly pics too:

pumpkin wreath

They matched too well not to. I tried to resist the butterfly cuteness but they won out. :)

It took about 20 minutes to stick everything in (no glue helps to speed things along), and I was THRILLED with how it came out:

pumpkin wreath

I rigged it up around the top of the fireplace with some jute twine – I tried one of those sticky wall hooks but it didn’t stay up for two seconds on that stone. The addition of the feathering things may make it a little less weatherproof – but I SWEAR I’ll bring it in when it rains. I love it that much. ;)

It is the perfect fall addition to the patio!:

pumpkin wreath firplace

We spend more time out here in the fall than any other time of the year – for two reasons. 1. Summer is too hot for fires. ;) 2. Mosquitoes LOVE ME. I can’t even be outside after sunset or I’m eaten alive. Uck.

I added some mums for some more pops of color, but didn’t have any extra planters. So I hid the cheapy plastic pots with some burlapy fabric I had:

decorating with mums

I just tore off a strip and wrapped some twine around it to keep it on there. I wanted those cute wood planters some of the mums come in, but the stinkin’ mums are more than DOUBLE the cost just for those simple little planters with them. Nah way.

Last year I had big mums in the pots, but the plants I put in there earlier this summer are doing so well I will leave them:

fall planters

I have no idea what they are, but they grow big and full – love them! The petunias survived our drought summer -- the twisty evergreen trees I planted in the spring did not. :)

The placemat pillows have been out constantly for the past year (even some of the winter…told you I don’t take stuff in) and other than being a little faded, they are doing quite well!:

placemat pillows

The patio is ready for plenty of crisp fall evenings – around here they usually consist of a fire, some wine, maybe some marshmallows and a barking (but adorable) dog:

stone patio outdoor fireplace

When are you heading over? Bring an extra blanket and you’ll be set. ;)

Can’t wait to see all the outdoor spaces over at Rhoda’s!

Don’t forget the Show Us Your House shindig will be this Monday, the 24th (I moved it back this month.) This month’s space is basements, rec rooms, playrooms – anywhere you relax and have fun!

We’ll be back with a couple more fall posts to finish up this series next week!