Back from a break!


Well hello strangers!! How the heck are ya?

I’m back from a lovely blogging break. :) It was just what I needed! What I didn’t mention earlier this week is that we were off on a little trip during my time away from the blog – and most people probably would have been really stoked for this type of trip, but it had me a little, ahhhh…fidgety.

I’ve had a bit of a fear of cruises for years now:

carnival glory cruise

It’s the whole out in the middle of the ocean, no way to get off, what if we hit an iceberg, the railings really aren’t tall enough, kind of fear.

Over the years I’ve had rational irrational thoughts about cruises that have kept me away. And we still wouldn't have done it, but it was a business trip like most of our vacations. Hubby did a conference that was on the cruise, (hello, best idea EVER), so I got over my fears and went along.

The first few hours were touch and go, but about 50 Titanic jokes in, I was actually feeling pretty good.

These helped:

Only one of those was mine. As far as you know.

And by the second day, I was thoroughly enjoying it:

ocean view

Thing is, I didn’t do much. I found the rocking of the boat incredibly relaxing…like I had taken a sleeping pill...constantly. I was totally chill the whole time and all I wanted to do was sleep. And sleep. Sleep some more. I slept for me, you, everyone who needed sleep.

It was the best sleep of my life, seriously.

So I did that, and ate. Like, a LOT.

Our destination was Nova Scotia Canada:

We docked at St. John’s for a day and walked around for hours. Our favorite spot was the City Market:

city market, St. John's Canadacity market, St. John's Canada   

And then we went back to the boat…and slept. For real, it was ridiculous.

Turns out I didn’t think about falling over the railing once, and only thought about hitting random objects in the ocean about 15 times. I thought that was pretty good.

Views like this helped a bit:



Hubs and I are already looking into another cruise, this one with no work for either of us. :)

The day after we returned we picked up a last minute addition to our family:


Little miss Nya (Nee-ah, after one of the Bub’s favorite Lego characters) joined us last minute (we had plans to adopt her weeks ago but thought they had fallen through).

We’ve spent the past few days getting her and the other kitty and the dog acquainted. So far, so good. Actually, I think Peanut is a little in love with her. Nya, not so much.

But she seems very happy here, and is in LOVE with my husband. She barely leaves his side. :) After the dog, I’ve forgotten how easy it is to add a cat to the house (if you only have one other cat) – they are SO EASY:


She is such a sweetie!! I’m sure she’ll make it into plenty of pictures like the other animals.

It’s been a busy month and I’m SO happy to be home and settled. I love to travel but I’m becoming more and more of a home body the older I get. I’ve finished up some fun projects over the past few weeks, I can’t wait to show you! I’ll get caught up next week, and don’t forget the July Before and After Party – it will go up Sunday evening.

So have you been on a cruise? Did you love it or hate it? Any suggestions for our next one? What did you do for the 4th? We went to watch fireworks but couldn't do any at home because of our drought conditions – such a bummer! Our neighbors will LOVE us in November when I’m guessing we’ll finally be able to set off our supply. ;)