Avocado banana ice cream

OK, bear with me here. When I first heard about this dessert I was pretty cynical. I like bananas. I LOVE avocados. But together? Frozen? Um, not exactly appetizing.

But because I have been known to eat an entire vat of guacamole all by myself, and I have been known to do this often, I just had to try it.

A friend told me about it earlier this week and was raving. She said she couldn’t believe how good it was. I was so curious I didn’t waste much time making it myself.

My friend found it on Pinterest, then I got home and searched and found it immediately as well. We both used the recipe found here at Averie Cooks

I had everything but the avocado, so I picked up a ripe one today. It took minutes to make. And did I mention the best part? You do not need an ice cream machine!

There are only six ingredients:

Avocado Banana Ice Cream:

1 ripe avocado
1 medium banana
1/2 cup milk
1 cup ice (optional but I think it helps give it a frozen consistency)
1/2 cup sugar (I think you could do a little less. I may try 1/4 next time.)
tsp vanilla

The only time in this recipe is the freezing – cut up the banana and freeze it beforehand:

Mine was mostly frozen when I made it, but not completely. I was a little anxious to try it. :)

You just dump everything in the blender:

blender ice cream

Looks SO appetizing, I know. ;) Just WAIT.

Blend till smooth.

This is when I noticed a tiny bit of avocado on the sides of the blender and while pushing them in to the mixture I gave it at quick taste. Even drawing the spoon up to my mouth, I didn’t believe it was going to be good.

But let. me. tell. you. IT IS GOOD. I quite literally said out loud, “NO way.” And then I tasted it again to make sure.

Um, I’m not kidding you, this is amazing. I tried it again. And again.

Mine wasn’t quite frozen enough, (frosty, but not frozen) so I poured it into a container, tasted it some more. Put it in the freezer, couldn’t stop thinking about it, went back 20 minutes later to check on it (duh, not frozen), tried it again.

Still GOOD.

About 90 minutes later I gave up and got it out:

No I didn’t eat the whole bowl. I wanted to.

OK seriously, it’s scrumptious. Smooth and creamy and sweet. It would have been just as good as a smoothie too (just don’t freeze afterwards). I’ve also heard that it does not get brown with time.

I am going to play with adding a little less sugar next time and maybe just a tad less vanilla. I think it would be just as flavorful with a little less.

It’s been smokin’ hot today and will be this weekend, so I’m going to try and make it last. ;)

I mentioned it on Facebook earlier this week and some were talking about avocado and chocolate? A pudding I think? I’ll believe anything after trying this. Have you tried this ice cream? Tried a weird food combo that was surprisingly good? Two of mine – ranch dressing on pizza and Wendy’s fries dipped in a chocolate frosty. ;) YUM.

Hope you have a LOVELY Memorial Day weekend!